Science explains why men needs more anti-aging care

Important is the encouragement of the following article to the men for the most frequent use of care products (and especially our SamanDust), for their skin!

Science explains why men needs more anti-aging care than the women, in times of intense stress.

“By nature, a man’s skin is significantly different from a woman’s. “The ability to grow a beard on the face is just an obvious distinction among many others, but it is not so obvious”, writes in an article in the scientific review of the American Academy of Dermatology, Dr. Michael Kolodney, a professor of dermatology at the University of West Virginia, explains:

“Structurally, some of the differences between male and female skin include skin thickness, collagen density, texture and hydration. These differences may, on the one hand, make men’s skin less vulnerable to women’s skin in terms of the effects of external factors, however, when the “stress” factor is included in the equation, the scales of premature aging lean more towards male gender “. Having more testosterone in a man’s body, leads to thicker and more durable skin, which naturally delays the appearance of signs of aging. “But the bad news is that when these signs of aging appear on the male face, the process accelerates dramatically,” says Dr. Kolodney.

According to the professor, high stress is the main factor that wears out men’s skin faster. “And it is a fact that in the midst of a pandemic, men may experience more dryness and sagging of the skin, more pronounced expression wrinkles, bags and dark circles in the eyes – even before the age of 30 – due to the professional and financial difficulties they face, combined with reduced physical activity and increased alcohol consumption due to quarantine “.

But another factor that makes men’s skin more vulnerable to stress and premature aging, is the fact that men show a clear lack of understanding of the benefits of a systematic hydration and general skin care routine. Dr. Kolodney explains: “According to all the research, men who used moisturizing face cream daily had up to 65% increase in their self-confidence, while the percentage that showed protection against premature aging (35%) or essential safety against the appearance of skin cancer (28%)”.

Dr. Kolodney advises: “Especially for men who have the appeal of neglecting this fundamental anti-aging rule while at the same time insisting on smoking, alcohol overdose and junk food – as a result of an illusion of ‘enjoyment’ and ‘escape’ from stress and quarantine-, put at great risk both their appearance and the very health of their skin in the long time”.