What is SamanDust

The SamanDust is thermal soap powder from any and at different stages of the production process arising our other products such as The Lumineux, the Herbal Aqua, the I.I.M the Converter, the Body & Face Mask. With the use of our products convert your conventional bath water in Thermal. You will feel the Greek earth to embrace your care outside of your body and your soul … With 100% naturall products SamanDust will feel the beneficial properties of pure green soap from olive, olive oil powder, Chios mastic powder, thermal soil Almopia containing trace elements copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), and the dried lemon essential oils.

Use SamanDust in your bathroom or in shower or a whirlpool, temperature 37oC. The body when in contact with water containing SamanDust will more easily dispose of toxins and accumulated salts and simultaneously absorb all the beneficial elements of Iamatiki dust.

Among the benefits is the touSamanDust musculoskeletal prevention, strength and physical relaxation and well-being.

For muscle relaxation, BLUE – essential oil: Rosemary

For anti-stress, WHITE – essential oil: Rosewood

For libido boosting effects, RED – essential oil: Rose

For stimulation, YELLOW – essential oil: Chamomile

The production capacity at this point in time arrives

1000 77gr soaps and 7500 jars powder 60g month

with an average delivery time of 7 to 12 calendar days.